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This Photo Editing Software Is FREE!
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What is Gimp 2.8?
Comparison Chart: Gimp vs. Adobe Photoshop®
What Do I Need For GIMP?
Gimp For Windows
Gimpshop For Windows

Gimp is a FREE, downloadable photo and image editing software program built to rival Adobe Photoshop®.

This latest build - Gimp 2.8 - represents over 17 years of development and collaboration.   The  GNU Image Manipulation Program (or G.I.M.P) is an Open Source program designed, maintained and supported by a team of international volunteers.

This lastest version of Gimpshop incorporates support of 16 & 32-bit color, a highly intuitive user-interface, a huge array of filters & dynamic brushes and leading-edge advanced tools that power users and professionals demand in high-end, high-priced photo and image manipulation programs like Adobe Photoshop®.
Red-Eye Removal From Photos and Pictures
Professional Grade Photo Editing Tools
Retouch and Restore Photos, Images and Graphics
Convert Color Photos to Black and White With Gimp's Powerful Channel Mixer
Gimp 2.8 - The Free Photoshop® Editor
Import and Export Images, Photos and Graphocs to a Wide Range of File Formats
Pro-Level Photo Enhancing and Restoration tools easily fix image flaws.  From red-eye removal to complete background / foreground replacement, to removal of unwanted images in your photo.
Advanced Tool Settings allow you to customize  your workspace to give you complete control over Photoshop®-grade tools, brushes and plugins. 
Digital Image Retouching gets rid of unwanted blemishes and imperfections from your photos to help create production ready images.
The Channel Mixer gives you the power to quickly optimize black & white photos and to easily convert your color images into a full spectrum of black & white tones.
From Push Button Easy, to cutting-edge techniques, the only limit to what you can do with this world class photo editing software is your imagination.
Import and Export your images in a wide range of common file formats like: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF - to special use formats such as multi-resolution and multi-depth Windows files.

Clicking this button launches DownloadAdmin™ which manages your gimpshop installation. Additional software may be offered to you via opt-in ads during the installation process Learn More. This website is not directly affiliated with the GNU Image Manilulation Program (GIMP). The gimpshop software is also available for free at the manufacturer's website.

GIMP VS. Photoshop®
Gimp Download for Mac Gimp Download for Mac
Total Downloads |  3,596,618
"Gimpshop is an exceedingly powerful Photoshop® look alike that has far more features than you, or most people you know, will ever use. If you're looking to do something as simple as touch up photos, or something far more sophisticated, like work in multiple layers, it has the tools you need."
With millions of users worldwide, GIMP has a huge community available for support, new free tools & plugins, and full support available across dozens of languages.

A comprehensive help library and full tutorial section has been built-in to the Gimpshop 2.8 workspace, so you are always just a couple of clicks away from step-by-step guidance on hundreds of photo and image editing techniques.

Invited to participate in Google's "Summer of Code 2012", GIMP has joined the ranks of other highly popular, bleeding-edge Open-Source development projects and has confirmed it's status as a world-wide leader in photo editing software.

And as an Open-Source program, GIMP is 100% FREE.  Click the Download button and install the Latest Full Version of Gimp 2.8 in under a minute. 
Why Choose GIMP?
There's no question that Adobe Photoshop® is an excellent image editing software program.  But for those of us that can't afford up to seven hundred dollars or more to buy it, we now have  the same image manipulation power at our fingertips as the high-priced, closed-source programs.

In fact, with the release of 2.8, GIMP has become the world-standard for Photo & Image Editing Software. Layers, channels, masks, filters, levels, advanced pattern matching - the remarkable feature list of GIMP is equal to Photoshop® in every way
Except One...THE PRICE!  

Restore, touch up and manipulate photos, create complex animations, or just use GIMP as a simple paint program.  The only limit is your imagination.

                                                              The Head Gimp
"...One of the most powerful general-purpose image editors around, the upgrades make the GNU Image Manipulation Program eminently comparable to Photoshop®...The application provides professional tools that can stand against the big boys without the hefty price tag...Extremely powerful and easy to work with, GIMP is ideal for both amateur and pro photographers, Web designers, or anyone who wants to create and edit professional-quality digital images on a budget."
Photoshop® Performance
Looking for a free alternative to Photoshop®? You found it.
Photoshop® Features
This Free Photo Editor is Amazing!
Welcome to Gimpshop
Free Photoshop® Download.  Get Gimpshop!
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Completely FREE!
GIMP 2.8 introduces the single-window mode. This highly requested feature was added to give Photoshop® users the look and feel of the Photoshop® workspace.
All tools rendering on canvas have been ported to Cairo to provide smooth antialiased graphics and a sleek, modern user interface.
2.8 features a highly expanded brush dynamics engine allowing users unprecendented control and flexibility to configure unique response curves.
A new widget was added to meet the requirements of tablet users to simplify the use of a sytlus and provide a more compact user interface.
A 100% new Cage Transform tool was developed for 2.8 as a result of the Google Summer of Code.  It takes an innovative approach to free transformation and makes it easy to warp parts of objects.

How It Works

Gimpshop is a free professional digital photo editor that has many of the same functions that more expensive editing programs have. To open Gimpshop, either click on the Gimpshop desktop icon or find the application in your Start menu under All Programs > Gimpshop. Once the application is open, you can open any photo or image file in the application and start editing. There are many different options available for editing your photo or creating a new image. To open the file that you would like to edit, go to File and then "Open". This will help you navigate to where the file is located. Once it is open in Gimpshop, find your desired action you would like to complete in the Menu. Gimpshop offers many different features and options for almost all of your editing needs. Feel free to play around with the functionality to get your desired effects or visit our tutorial section here.

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
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The Single-Window Mode Give Gimpshop The Look And Feel Of Photoshop®
Introducing Gimpshop's Newly Resigned User Interface
Gimps Highly Expanded Brush Dynamic Engine
New Tablet Widget For Use With A Stylus
Photoshop® Quality Cage Transform Tool For Transformaing Images

Clicking this button launches DownloadAdmin™ which manages your gimpshop installation. Additional software may be offered to you via opt-in ads during the installation process Learn More. This website is not directly affiliated with the GNU Image Manilulation Program (GIMP). The gimpshop software is also available for free at the manufacturer's website.