Tool Spotlights: Painting Part 1

The paint tools in Gimpshop are extremely powerful, not just for painting brand new images, but also for manipulating photos, blending two photos together, and many other tasks. This video will walk you through some of the paint tools that Gimpshop has to offer. This set of tools is pretty extensive, so keep an eye out for part two soon.
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Gimpshop 101: The Basics of Layers

Layers are the one thing that sets pro-caliber photo editing software apart, because they allow what is called “non-destructive editing”—you can edit your photos without losing the original information that you started with. This video, the last in our four part series, will get you acquainted with layers and how to use them.
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Gimpshop 101: Photo Manipulation Tools

Welcome back to part two of four in our Gimpshop 101 series. Today’s video builds on part one, and shows you how to use the most common photo manipulation tools available to you in Gimpshop. Make sure you follow along with your own copy of the software! Our studies show that students are far more successful with the program when they follow along actively instead of just watching the video and nodding along.
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Gimpshop 101: Selections

Welcome! We’re glad that you’ve decided to take your Gimpshop education seriously. This is the first video in a series of four that will walk you through all the ins an outs of Gimpshop and get you ready to make whatever you can imagine. This video covers selections, one of the most useful and flexible skills you can develop in Gimpshop.

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Translating from Gimpshop to Photoshop

Have you ever come across the perfect tutorial for what you’re trying to do in Gimpshop, only to find that the tutorial was written for Photoshop instead? It can be a really frustrating experience. We here at Gimpshop feel that your image editing software shouldn’t slow you down; it should be as easy to use as possible so you can spend more time doing what you set out to do. To that end, here is a Gimpshop to Photoshop dictionary of sorts that should help you translate the commands so you can stop worrying about software and get back to creating.

Photoshop – Gimpshop

The first thing that you should do when you start Gimpshop is navigate to Windows>Single Window Mode. This simple change will make a world of difference in the Gimpshop user interface, more closely approximating the look and feel of Adobe Photoshop.

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How to Install Gimpshop Brushes

One of the best things about Gimpshop is how customizable it is to your needs and purposes. With tons of plugins, brushes, and other extensions, you can make the software do exactly what you want. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to expand your brush library through free brush downloads.
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